Pancakes Wester

Pancakes opened at a very special site: a monument from 1814, a former butchery , right next to the Anne Frank house and the Westerkerk. 

The history of the building obliged the designers to create a relation between exterior and interior. therefore the distinctive parts of the building, such as the ceiling and window, are an important ingredient of the interior.

The balcony is a self-contained space but also part of the total building, it gives a beautiful view over the restaurant.
The niches have been created to provide groups and young families with a place where the volumes connect to the different spaces and emphasize the height of the building.

The use of materials and colors is with respect for history and tradition, for example, ash has been chosen that fits with its beautiful coarse grain wood at that time. The choice for the color blue originated from former times when people thougth that it kept flies at the distance.
The open kitchen is located right next to the entrance of the restaurant. As a result, one experiences hospitality, a tradition of the past to enter through the back door, directly in the kitchen.


Designers: Chris Slutter and Dave Keune
Services: Interior design and realisation
Date: 10 September 2017